Child Development amidst Pandemic

The so-called long vacation has not been over yet. The third wave of the pandemic is about to knock and experts predict it is most likely to affect children. The effect of pandemic seems to have affected everyone and everything, some effects are positive while some are negative. The future of the world (Children) is also facing various issues. Child development during the pandemic has witnessed a series of effects during these tough times.

Value of family

Now that children  are stuck at home and can’t go out, they have developed a very strong attachment with the other family members. The part of mothers life which was not known by children is no longer a secret. What conditions are faced by parents, how hard they have to work, what amount of sacrifice they make, this all has been now revealed to children. Looking at all these factors children develop a precious bond with family members. Importance of family is known by a child.

No schools

The schools play a vital role in the development of children and due to pandemic children are not able to attend school physically. They are not able to meet friends of their age, they lose the opportunity to interact, learn new things and explore the  best phase of human life. Online teaching may help grown ups but toddlers are still not acquainted with the technology. 

Play and grow

Games like hide and seek, i spy, seven stones, lock n key, etc have become strange things to deal with for children. A child of 7 has become professional in playing pubg and other mobile games. This makes them lazy and they find it hard to play outdoor games. The physical growth of a child is much dependent on the games played in childhood. In this case, physical growth along with mental health is compromised.

Ticktock: time is precious

A normal day of a child used to have a schedule where he had to work according to the clock. But now due to uncertain circumstances children are not introduced to the importance of time. The term schedule is like chinese for them. Not having time boundaries for activities or studies will make it difficult for them to adjust in future.

Explore people

Not meeting new people from the beginning stage of life, not making new friends, not knowing different cultures is going to be a big obstacle in the long run. They will not be able to make conversations and it will be a tough task to speak up.


Constantly playing on electronic devices, staying at one place and getting no other source of refreshment is bound to affect the behaviour of a person. And it has been observed that the tolerance level in children is decreasing, they are easily irritated and patience is not their best suit.

There has been some positive effect on child development due to the pandemic but the negative effect seems to be overwhelming. Pandemic has undoubtedly put a big pause in child development but it is our duty to stop this pause from becoming a full stop.

As a parent, teacher or elder brother/sister it is our role which is going to train them for the future. Make sure your every action is a positive attribute in development of a child, your or others.

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