While performing various activities certain amount of carbon dioxide is released in the atmosphere by an individual, an organization or community, this is termed as carbon footprint. Carbon footprint or we call it Global warming has many negative impacts on atmosphere and living beings, but it is good to know that after several awareness campaigns people are taking steps like carbon neutralization. Carbon Neutralization is the process which intends to make environment better by reducing emission of carbon and other greenhouse gases to zero. The other greenhouse gases like methane are converted to carbon dioxide and then treated for the betterment of atmosphere. Climate positivity is a step ahead of carbon neutralization i.e. not only achieving zero carbon level but going beyond that to remove and reduce more of carbon than they emit.

We are past the stage for offsetting the damage, it now time to reverse the damage that has been done. It is time where an active and leading role is to be taken rather than waiting for solution. Connect more to the nature and put it at top in the priority list. There are many ways to save the environment and it is our responsibility to choose the best alternative available.

How are we supposed to do this?

Every activity to produce a product releases carbon and these activities are ‘emission factors’. First and foremost step is to measure and calculate the total carbon footprint emission and decide counteract strategies. The general ways to deal with this problem are reducing emissions–switching to renewable energy, reducing waste, supporting more localized production to cut down on shipping, electrifying public and private transportation–and offsetting carbon by funding projects, like reforestation efforts, that remove CO2 from the air.

Mainly there are two ways to be climate positive.

1. By offsetting more than your carbon footprint.

This has the advantage of being quick and easy to do, and may be a good short term approach. However the amount we can achieve with this approach is limited because we will ultimately have to reduce the actual amount of carbon emitted to get to net zero.

2. To help other businesses and individuals to reduce their footprint by;

  • Developing and supplying low-carbon products, which helps every one of your customers to lower their carbon footprint
  • Working directly with your suppliers to reduce their emissions, which lowers not just your carbon footprint, but also the footprint of every other business they supply; 
  • By ensuring that your products as well as your waste are reused or recycled, which reduces the huge emissions associated with landfill

The second one is more preferable as it creates a chain of climate positivity and a step taken by one will ultimately become a huge change.

The benefits of carbon positivity are the spillover benefits. The one who did not intend to take initiative to reduce their carbon footprint will also be helped by carbon positivity. The goal of achieving zero carbon plays a vital role and ultimately it will lead to a next big step ‘Climate Positive’.

– By Dibhakshi Trivedi

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