Contribution to Environment

I + You = We, build environment

Reduce Reuse Recycle – the 3Rs, most common yet most important ways to save our environment. We have been learning about 3Rs since childhood and still manage to fail. What could be the possible reason for this failure?

Answer to this question is pretty simple, actually only one word i.e. Implementation.

All your learning is a waste if you do not implement it in your life.

Apart from 3Rs, many other methods can be adopted for contributing to the environmental upgrade. Here, are few of them:-


  1. Educate:

First and foremost step is to educate oneself enough about environment. This education benefits you and yours. You can be guide for others as well as for yourself. Reading article, watching news and T.V channels like National Geography are some of great sources to get daily updates about environment.

       2.  Volunteer:

No one likes to follow others command but you can be your leader and volunteer for cleanups in your community. There are many organizations like WE, GRACEHUT working for benefits for environment and readily provide a helping hand to common people to save environment.

       3.  Save paper:

          Students are so excited to throw away their books after the semester ends. Attention here! They can be given to their juniors or poor people. The best alternative I can think of is books to be donated to blind schools where it can be used for Braille Script.

          It is commonly seen that students have prints of study material provided as a soft copy, try to print less and less or print on both the sides of a paper.

         4. Walk:

People go for a walk to maintain their health but will use vehicle to reach destiny near. Avoid this practice and cover short distance by walking and this time to maintain and upgrade environments health.

       5. Know your responsibility:

Each human releases carbon footprint in their day to day activity which harms the environment. It is your responsibility to know which of your activity is contributing to unfortunate consequences. It is to reduce your negative impact rather than covering it up later. So act wisely and be a positive contribution for Mother Earth.

     6. Communicate:

Your mother, life giver is in trouble. Dare you stay shut about it? Choose to speak up about the problems and discuss the solutions. Opinions and ideas that pop up by simple discussion will surprise you. Stubborn people are tough task when it comes to convince them for something but not impossible.

     7. Waste Management:          

This sounds little tough. How are we supposed to do that? I don’t know any technique for disposing waste. Wait, Do I need to learn that now? Answer is No.

All of these questions naturally come to mind when Waste Management is being discussed. Let me make this simple for you.

BLUE (non bio-degradable), GREEN (Bio-degradable), YELLOW (papers and glass). These three colours will help in classification of waste.

 One minute on a phone call:  Many organizations are working for this problem and ready to help you. What you need to do is just make one call asking them to come to your place to collect the waste and further problem is dealt by them.

Here are some of the organizations which can help you:-

  • Saahas
  • Waste Venture
  • Let’s Recycle (NEPRA)
  • Eco Wise


Follow these 4 steps for contributing to your environment and making it healthy.

                                                                                        -By Dibhakshi Trivedi

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