2021 Environmental Problems

Let’s plan a trip to a hill station where we can feel the love and beauty of nature.

People are ready to spend thousands of rupees to feel nature but lack the knowledge of degrading its health.


Are you ready to tell your grandchildren how irresponsible your generation was not to care for their best?

I am not. 

What is going down in the environment? What possibly could be more horrible than covid pandemic?

2021: Environment crisis

  1. Melting ice cap

Increasing global warming has no doubt created major problems in the environment. Melting Ice caps is one of them and has put our lives at risk. The effects of Melting glaciers and ice caps is not only a threat to its nearby area or to a particular country, it is a global threat. 


  • Rise in sea levels which may cause floods in areas nearby.
  • Chemical pollutants which settled on the chilled surface of ice are now released, resulting in polluting water bodies.
  • For small towns electricity is generated from constant melting glaciers and without that it will be hard for people to survive.
  • It is not possible to stop the melting ice but it is difficult to cope up with economic loss by calamities generated due to melting ice.   
  • According to the studies only 2% of freshwater is available and about 70% consists of glaciers and snow. Continuous melting of it would risk the availability of freshwater. 
  • Disconcert Biodiversity

Biodiversity is much more than a few highlighting stories of animals, which is emotion provoking. It is the diversity or difference of life and ecological interaction between various species. It matters because it has a vital role to play in productivity and stability of nature. Biodiversity is not only wealth but health for the future. Biodiversity directly supports export earnings, gross domestic product, and jobs in a wide variety of economic sectors from tourism to agriculture, and it therefore needs to be sustainably managed for these sectors to successfully grow.

  • Plastic at peak

Recently it has become common to hear news about finding plastics in the area where very few humans have reached. How is this even happening?

Everyday the number of climbers on the mountain is increasing and it is because of them and their activities that microplastic is being found in ice.

They dumb so much waste on their way to peak that mountains has been termed as “the highest trash dump in the world.” Most plastic found is polyester and comes from the equipment and clothes of climbers.


  • Removing plastic from the environment is tougher than removing large amounts of normal waste. It results in bioaccumulation.
  • Snow Melts are the greatest source for freshwater. So when plastic containing snow melts fish consumes it and often it is found that their digestive system is blocked by plastic.
  • The effect of microplastic on marine life is known and has been studied but its effect on humans is not yet known.
  • Coral reef die-offs

The most ancient and dynamic ecosystem that protects coastline from erosion is Coral Reef. Not only that but the livelihood of people living near coastal areas depends on coral reefs.But this ecosystem is adversely affected by human activities like coal mining, blast fishing, overfishing, digging of canals etc. Studies show that  around 19% of coral reef has already been lost.


  • Erosion of coastline results in landfalls causing massive destruction which is harmful for human lives.
  • It also leads to rise in sea level which may result in severe floods.
  • Dust for lungs(air pollution)

There was a time when water was free and now we have to pay for it and the present situation suggests that we will now have to pay to have proper air to breath. Yes it is us, the cause and the solution of the problem so it is natural that the impact is also going to be on us. 


  • Lungs are surely damaged by breathing in dusty air causing respiratory health problems.
  • Toxic air results in acid rain which brings toxicity on land and this cycle continues.
  • If plants do not get proper air it will result in ruining lungs of earth and we will lose our health forever.

  This is a vicious never ending cycle and we are bound to get hurt in the process. After all it is we who are peddlers of the cycle, and Now it is the time to use brakes to stop the cycle and begin a new environment friendly life. 

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