Grow With Grace

The Grow with Grace is a tech-based program designed to provide education to rural children. The need for holistic education has reached its peak in this era where practical experience is as significant as theoretical content. All the aspects of learning and knowledge shall be covered under this program.

In addition to it, this model also focuses on digital learning or rather a hybrid model of learning. Physical limitations shouldn’t be a factor to limit such children to learn and hence, we have this model which will be focusing on holistic education and digital learning.

Benefits of the project

  • 42% of the rural children between classes 3-5 are illiterate and with the hybrid model of learning, literacy rates would exponentially increase.
  • More and more rural children will be motivated to join our program and hence develop themselves and the nation.
  • Knowledge in all aspects by providing holistic education to make them aware of all the areas of knowledge.