Growth WIth Grace

Fight against malnutrition

Deficiencies, overabundances, or disparities in an individual’s infusion of energy and nutrients are referred to as malnutrition. It deceives the population’s productivity, influences the nation’s death rates, affects juvenile survival rates, and affects children’s comprehending capacity, making them insufficient in later life. As of 2021, the WCD Ministry estimates 17.76 lakh severely acutely malnourished children and 15.46 lakh moderately acutely malnourished children in India. As per the UNICEF report, India is at 10th spot among countries with the highest number of underweight children and 17th spot for the highest number of stunted children in India. Despite a 50% boost in GDP since 1991, more than one-third of the malnourished children live in India.

Gracehut is working to enhance disadvantaged children’s nutrition, minimize malnutrition, and raise community awareness about the issue. The right to food is not only a statutory right but also a human right. With several migrants and children who lost their right to well-nourished food, the Covid 19 pandemic disrupted all 4 main pillars of food security:


With free health checkup camps, surveys, specialized programs based on individual assessments, and by providing a regular supply of nutritious food, we aim to rebuild the four pillars of food security that have been devastated. A well-nourished and healthy workforce is not only a foundation for long-term development but also reflects the community’s performance in socio-economic sectors.

Benefits of the project

  • 14.4% of the Indian population is undernourished. It will help in reducing overall hunger and malnutrition by providing sufficient food and nutrition.
  • The number of persons facing moderate to severe food insecurity has increased by about 9.7 crores since the outbreak of Covid. It will help combat the scarcity of good food in rural areas.
  • Health kits and medical checkups to prevent various diseases and maintain overall immunity.
  • A feeling of food and nutritional security can be created in the minds of the people.
  • 24*7 emergency services.