How education helps the generations of tomorrow?

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”, is the famous quote by Nelson Mandela.

Have you ever thought of what exactly is education? Or how it can help our generation? To answer, let us go through the basics and how important it is to build our generations for tomorrow.

Education is an often misunderstood concept with schooling. Education is a process to delve into the truth and encourage to share and discover its usefulness. It is not merely a learning but a social process to learn, live and impact society. Hence, generations of tomorrow need skills that educate them to live, discover ideas, and bring a change to society.

Role of parents and teachers


Our first teacher gives us the basic and moral teachings of our surroundings. Parents should teach their children what they can give after having an education rather than what children will get after education. Situational education should be given to the children along with formal education. For example, ask them and teach them what to do if you see an old person struggling to cross a road.


Teachers give us formal education but sometimes they also give us life lessons from their own experiences. They ask us, give rewards and sometimes scold us also. That is the part of learning which will make us strong for real-world situations. Teachers are our building blocks. They can give our imaginations, creativity, and thoughts the right direction. Hence, their importance in imparting education is of the utmost necessity for the future generation.

Skills needed for the future generation


With emerging tools and technologies, adaptability becomes more important. A comfortable navigating through the evolving technologies is what our young minds should add to their education list.

Cultural understanding

A better cultural understanding results in diverse communication, positive interaction, and impactful collaborations. It helps to build long-term relations.

Critical thinking

To think realistic and in a meaningful way is the key to success in gaining and imparting education. This is the way to discover new ideas and encourage big change.

Excellent communication skills

Telepathic communication days are gone. Now communication needs words to express and lead a conversation. Communication skills are going to make you excel in the future generation.

How covid-19 changes the dynamics of education

The current covid situation poses several changes in education which are going to impact our future generation. Below are the lessons to learn for our young minds to get a better hold of what the future might holds.

Education in an interconnected world

Covid-19 shows how interconnected we are global. Online education and the workplace have become a daily part of everyone. Thus, global collaboration is going to stay here in the future which young generations need to learn.

Redefining educator’s role

With growing online education, educators need to have more resilience, flexibility, adaptability, emotional intelligence, and creative and critical thinking.

Life skills to learn

Life skills such as collaboration, communication, empathy, creativity, and emotional intelligence, are important to educated pour young minds to face future changes.

As we now know that education brings a great revolution with social impact. Social impact will help people to live together peacefully and enjoy the amenities to the fullest with each other’s help.

So, people, I urge you to give importance to your social life and others also because in this changing world, what we need most is “PEACE”. All the great minds and revolutionaries always put their focus on peace and great living. Thus, we should also learn from them and make education a powerful tool for great living and peace.

from Shaheen Iqbal

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