Green hygiene employee

Companies work on the efforts of employees, these people generally work for their lifestyle , wouldn’t it be helpful if they work for mother nature too.

What is Green Hygiene Employee ?

Green Hygiene Employee is a Special Program for Employees which aims to solve the questions like:

How to reduce individual as well as organization/companies’ carbon footprint ?
How to live a sustainable life ?
Importance of Health and Hygiene
How to reduce an organization/company’s cost ?

We will just adjust your habits and activities and create a big impact on society.

Our program depends on three pillars

Why Green Hygiene Employee ?

As we all spend almost 8 to 9 hours of our whole day in office inspite of the fact that we sit whole day at a place we directly or indirectly by our actions or needs hinder the nature. Also we ourselves because of that are facing various environmental and social problems. As a result of this we are increasing the expenditure of our own companies and also in many other ways damage our own things.