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According to The International Labor Organization, 2013 World Report on Child Labor, 265 million children around the world are working- which is a whooping 17 percent of the world child population.
Rich or poor, children are full of energy and calibre but sadly a lot of children in the latter section are deprived of proper education. Good education produces good human beings and in turn a better world.
And therefore a strong education system becomes the need of the hour. We know that our surroundings are the biggest source of knowledge but we also know that it’s difficult to absorb it all without proper guidance.
That’s where the Gracehut education system comes into play. It helps the children learn and understand in a systematic manner. Children are exposed to newer forms of learning which makes them confident and resilient individuals. They make friends, develop social skills and learn to cope with challenges.
All the 35 people in our ‘Grow With Grace’ team work hard in designing an interactive syllabus which can be manifested on the field. We appreciate the inquisitiveness of these young minds and achieve mission education. Our goal is not to make them just academically smart but to help them follow their passion in a systematic, strategic and smart manner

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Quantitative Aptitude

Mathematics is Everywhere: With Mathematics we help children discover and create things, solve problems, analyze and instill confidence in them to think through. 

Our Team

Smriti Roy

Palak Shrivastav

Kalyani Rathod

Malay Savalia

Pooja Padia

Linguistic Ability

English has become a status quo, we aspire to erase this by teaching the language to financially vulnerable children. By exposing them to a second language we boost their creativity and problem solving skills.

Our Team

Rydhum Rewri

Deep Soni

Somnath Chakraborty

Shubraa Chaudhari

Environmental Awareness

Through Environmental Science we help children realize, explore and understand the natural, social and cultural aspects of their surrounding and globe. Thus, create an informed and responsible generation.

Our Team

Kresha Gupta

Nandini Praveen

Simran Baria

Nilay Bhatt

Aatman Vasoya

Jaini Shah

Self Awareness

Through this subject we help students encompass their internal resources and propel their energy towards growth. We help them develop the ability to understand and accept themselves and others. They learn how to work together as a team.

Our Team

Niyati Bhatt

Aakanksha Kaushik

Rishita Shah

Shaina Dias

Creative Education

Through Creative Education we help the children showcase their talents and abilities and help them choose the right direction. We help the children widen their perspective about the world. 

Our Team



Riet Dsilva


Harshita Rathore


Kavin Shah


Khushi Chadda




Jina Mishra


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