The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

I am Heer!
A Gracehut volunteer for over an year now!
Wondering what Gracehut offers me?
It gives me a reason to spread smiles, it rears empathy in my heart and develops inclusivity and understanding in me.
Gracehut stands for all those who desire to bring a change in the world.
I define Gracehut. And I believe you should too, because once you become a part of it you will never want to leave.

Krina here….
Being a part of gracehut is really amazing. I learn many life lessons every time I am out with Gracehut meeting kids. So far, I have experienced that there are many things we should learn from children. The attitude of never giving up no matter how big the problem is, carrying grace and innocence in one’s behaviour, remaining joyful all the time and a carefree attitude of living life. With Gracehut I always discover a better version of me.
Therefore, I plan to keep working and learning with the organization.

Bhargav this side.
So I recently joined Gracehut foundation. They are a group of students who work for well being of vulnerable children. To be honest I was really skeptic of the idea but once I attended one of their event I could say nothing but praise their determination and dedication.
If someone is interested to contribute to the good cause of child upliftment there can be no better platform than Gracehut. You can choose to volunteer just by filling up the Registration form on their website and get updates of their events regularly.
If I am asked to comment I will say that I feel very proud when I volunteer in their events and spend time serving children.

Khushali here
I have been a part of Gracehut since beginning. I have organized and attended their events. It feels like home when I am working with the Gracehut team. All of them are filled with a zeal for life and a commitment to serve. Volunteers come up with innovative ideas everytime. I get all excited every time they declare a new event with the tiny tots.

Ravi this side
The world undoubtedly faces many problems. While some try to run from the discussing them, there are others who try making a difference. Gracehut Foundation is a group of one such people.I was introduced to this organization by a close friend of mine as I joined it for a Holi event with HIV positive children at Parivartan Foundation. Such events they say are conducted by the volunteers under Mission Smile; which promises a healthy and happy atmosphere to the children. The management skills of the team is exemplary but their alacrity tops everything. I am keen to attend any event they conduct further. I second Divyang Chaudhary (The Co-founder of Gracehut) when he says “True service is possible only with the sense of belongingness.”

I am Sherry Shah
Nearly all of us buy a lot of clothes throughout the year but sadly a good amount of them remain untouched in our wardrobe. However, there are a million of unprivileged people in the world troubling to get enough food, enough rag to cover themselves away from humiliation and enough shelter that will promise them some hope for tomorrow. People keep ranting about social issues and put their opinions on helping them. At Gracehut it’s a bit different we set our foot forward to actually help these people. I joined Gracehut for a ‘Cloth-distribution’ event in January. Visiting the humble dwellings and donating clothes was the purpose. That wasn’t easy going. Eventually, watching their face glow was blissful. I believe donating is essential and transparent way of helping people. It was fun working as a Gracehut volunteer.