Our Initiatives

Mission Education

Aims to provide aid to financially challenged children by training them, developing their skills through skill development classes and career counselling sessions along with contemporary education. Equal importance is given to arts and sciences so that children may have an in-depth knowledge of the subjects. Apart from that, more emphasis is given to the interest areas of a child rather than inflicting upon him the burden of boring subjects. Through this mission, private scholarships are provided to the students, who excel at our institution, that help them pursue their dreams.

Mission Food

Aims to provide good quality food to the less fortunate children. We believe that no one should be deprived of food as it is a basic necessity. Even though children in our country get food, it lacks many important nutrients required by the body. Unfortunately in India, malnutrition causes 69% of child mortality (UNICEF 2019) as a significant stratum of society is deprived of healthy and nutrient-rich food. Therefore, under this mission, we act as an anchor to minimize this gap and alleviate all the 4 types of malnutrition among children.

Mission Health

Under this mission, our major goal is to organize health checkup camps for poor children under the guidance of the local Health Department to ensure that they remain free of malnutrition and the other acute and chronic diseases. Without a healthy body, a child cannot focus on his dreams. Moreover, his physical health may also affect his mental health and his ability to think. As a result, it is important to help them maintain good health. Activities and events organised by us provide health awareness and teach best hygiene practices thereby guaranteeing their day to day growth and development.

Mission Health

We believe that along with satisfying the basic needs of the underprivileged, it is also very essential to keep them happy. Therefore, the main motive of this mission is to bring a smile on their faces. It comprises activities such as the distribution of clothes on festive occasions, vocational training on weekends for children, personality development, English improvement lessons and collaborative fun activities of old age homes and orphanages.

Mission Youth Empowerment

50% of our population in India are youngsters below the age of 25. Such demography surely promises a golden future for the country. However providing these individuals right direction is pre-requisite for overall success. At Gracehut we aspire to bring such change. Through our webinars, group meetings and various different seminars we encourage the youth to think and work for the development and growth of the country and the globe. Currently, we are working with 100 such enthusiastic youngsters at Gracehut.