We Are United in Our Dedication to Children and youth Rights

Founder's speech

“India, the seventh largest country in the world and generally considered as a third world country, stands with a population of 1.33 billion. With such statistics, a nation craves extraordinary driving force to be called as developing. For India, this driving force is the youth of the nation. Surveys announce India as the nation of world’s largest population with 365 million young people.

But this valuable segment of the population is struggling with innumerable problems like poverty, poor health and lifestyle, unemployment, mental stress and the list goes on. There are various development programmes for the comprehensive advancement of these waterholes of energy, being run by the government. Still the stats declare that 23.34% of youth in India is unemployed, and nearly 57 million people are affected by depression, youth being the most affected group.

An assured conclusion that can be delineated out of all these statistical analysis is; finding solutions is not the solution, the focus should be rather on finding the real problems first. The ‘Gracehut’ foundation is doing the desired work that is finding the real problems. We try to read the reason behind every problem ever created. 

We work for the betterment of the children through the progression and empowerment of the youth. We aim to create a sustainable supply chain, which will work till the complete eradication of any problem. We desire to provide the children with an environment that supports them to formulate their aptitudes. We seek all round development of children with four beautiful missions; mission food, mission health, mission education and mission smile.

We help the children in developing their skills, and giving them the right knowledge about getting education, so that a better youth power will be generated in the near future. The creation of these future human resources can be possible only when the present trustees of prosperity assist the process, and together they will change the fate of the nation.
If change is an agenda, then youth is its flag-bearer, because ‘only youth can do it, and youth will do it’.
Keep spreading smiles…”

our team

Hardik Patel 

“Children are great imitators, they tend to follow us when they grow up. So I trust in setting a good example for the future generation and Gracehut Foundation is a small contribution towards building a society that we want our children to live in”

Divyang Chaudhary 

“I believe in Children. I believe that they are the greatest asset of our country and if we provide them a healthy environment, they will succeed beyond their wildest dreams! “

Jahnvi Gupta

“One legacy that I believe we should pass on to our children is a better world. A world where the weak are supported and the strong are appreciated. A world where every individual has a say but none the power to exploit.”

Viral Khasor
Marketing Head

Dipen Makvana
Fund Raiser

Aashkaa Nair

And Our Enthusiastic Volunteers