Ravana Vs Corona

So, Diwali is just round the corner. It has always been the most loved festival among the Indian masses. From the plethora of sweets and snacks prepared in our houses to the flamboyant display of crackers bursting in the sky, literally Diwali has a million reasons to be the most liked festival of the year.

But, can the 2020 Diwali be as extraordinary as its predecessors? With all the coronavirus fear, deaths and news circulating around, we can surely say this year it might be different. Regardless of the openings of malls, theatres and beaches there have been new ‘normals’ that we now live by. Whether it is the inescapable rule of wearing masks or the routine application of sanitizers wherever we go, there is no denial that life this year is totally different and uncalled for. 

Coronavirus has affected all our lives worldwide to such an extent that we now are pushed to live life with it. Till the vaccine comes there is nowhere to run or hide. So, obviously this Diwali is not only going to be the festival where the dogs are scared of crackers and environmentalists are scared of the surroundings but also where every common man and woman and girl and boy are scared of their health and that of those around them not because of the excessive sweets but because of the RAVANA ‘Corona’. 

Apart from the health factors, we also have national issues that might add a little more to worry about. The negative growth of GDP is one of them. Unlike all the years where many influencers promoted buying local for Diwali this year it is not just a promotion but a necessity that we must all abide by. This festival is celebrated across the whole country regardless of one’s religion, community or social status. Hence, this is the perfect season to buy local and help our economy. Flipcart and Amazon make millions and billions in this period but what if we turn the table around? What if we spend all our money in that little small sweet shop round the corner? What if we bought diyas from the roadside women? What if we bought clothes from local brands? What if? 

This Diwali is not only important to celebrate among families and friends but among our countrymen. If good precautions and hygienic practices are exercised and encouraged we can make sure that this Diwali is as flamboyant and extraordinaire as all the once we have seen before. 

So, driving back to our first question, “can the 2020 Diwali be as extraordinary as its predecessors?” Without a doubt. But the real question is can we make it unforgettable and spectacular? Our deepest fear is not the virus but that we our powerful beyond it. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. So, this Diwali, let our light be victorious over the darkness surrounding us, let knowledge triumph over ignorance and good overcome evil.


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